Year Information
1952 - Inception of Kion Hoong Milling Company
- Production of Crude Coconut Oil, Copra Cake, Rubber Crepe & Rice Milling
1960 - Kion Hoong Milling Company was renamed as Kion Hoong Milling Company Sdn Bhd
- Production of RBD Coconut Oil & Washing Soap
1972 - Kion Hoong Milling Company Sdn Bhd was renamed as Syarikat Kion Hoong Cooking Oil Mills
1973 - Increase capacity of RBD Coconut Oil refining & Washing Soap manufacturing
1985 - Production of Palm Kernel Oil
1989 - Production of Palm Oil, i.e. RBD Palm Oil, RBD Palm Olein, RBD Palm Stearin, Palm Fatty Acid Distillate
1994 - Awarded SIRIM Certification
1996 - Production of Margarine and Shortening
- Awarded Halal Certification by Islamic Development Department of Malaysia
1998 - Production of Vanaspati
1999 - Increase Palm Oil refining capacity
2009 - Certified with ISO 22000 and HACCP certificate

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